Political Party

The America First Party

Official Name:

America First Party


John Francis

Founding date:

April 15, 2002

Party Ideology:

The party advocates nationalist policies, non-interventionist foreign policies, withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO, enhanced states’ right and a temporary ban on all immigration. It rejects any form of gun control, and espouses traditional values of faith and family.

Party History:

The party was formed by a group of former Reform Party members who were dissatisfied over the perceived cold-shouldering of their 2000 presidential candidate, conservative icon Pat Buchanan.

Named after the Gerald Smith-founded 1944 party of the same name, America First Party’s core ideology is centered on the tenets of conservatism and anti-federalism.

Party address:

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street # 111
Boulder, CO 80301

Telephone: 1-866-SOS-USA1

Party logo:

A blue silhouette of a rifle-toting man and a striped red and white flag on a white background inside a blue circle bounded by 13 stars.

Party chairperson:

Jonathan Hill

Elected officials:

Prominent figures: