Political Party

The Freedom Socialist Party

Official Name:

Freedom Socialist Party


Clara Fraser

Founding date:

May 1966

Party Ideology:

The Freedom Socialist Party is principally a socialist feminist party, although it also champions the causes of social and sexual minorities, the working class and immigrants. The party is an advocate of a socialist revolution.

Party History:

During the spring of 1966, ideological differences between the Seattle chapter of the Socialist Workers Party and the national leadership led to the formation of the Freedom Socialist Party by disillusioned party members.

The new party’s platform was geared towards socialist feminism and the advancement of social and sexual minorities’ rights under the banner of Trotskyism.

Party address:

FSP National Office
4710 University Way NE #102
Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 985-4621

Party logo:

An orange butterfly encircled by an orange border.

Party chairperson:

Doug Barnes (National Secretary)

Elected officials:

Prominent figures:

Clara Fraser (1923 – 1998): Party founder and one of the most respected early leaders of the American feminist movement.