Political Party

The Independent American Party

Official Name:

Independent American Party


Daniel M. Hansen (1942-2002)

Founding date:

May 16, 1998 (Independent American Party); 1993 (Utah Independent American Party)

Party Ideology:

The Independent American Party is a Christian right party, advocating social conservatism in the governing of the nation and states. The party strongly supports enhanced states’ rights and the Second Amendment. It is also strictly opposed to any form of federal taxation.

Party History:

The party came into being during the spring of 1998 when the Utah affiliate of the National American Party (Utah Independent American Party) decided to break away to form their own national party in pursuit of an orthodox Christian theocracy.

Party address:

National Independent American Party
P.O. Box 1774
Orem, UT 84059-1774

928-309-1776 (Kelly Gneiting)

Party logo:

A modified Stars and Stripes inside a blue circle enclosed by blue texts (Independent American Party).

Party chairperson:

Kelly Gneiting

Elected officials:

Prominent figures:

Daniel M. Hansen (1942-2002): The party founder was a former senatorial, gubernatorial and vice presidential nominee. He also once served as the chairman of the Western States of the National Constitution Party.