Political Party

The Justice Party

Official Name:

Justice Party


Rocky Anderson

Founding date:

December 12, 2011

Party Ideology:

The center left party seeks to affect change through social and economic justice generated at grassroots level. It also, uniquely, suggests party members to be guided by its ten-point core values (justice, integrity, respect, transparency, collaboration, rationality, effectiveness, farsightedness, human rights and rule of law).

Party History:

The Justice Party was formed late in 2011 to provide an alternative to the American two-party hegemony. It also seeks to change the American social, economic and political system into a more just and equitable one. The party also initially aimed to serve as a haven for supporters of the Occupy movement.

Party address:

Justice Party
P.O. Box 30726
Seattle, WA 98113-0726

435-200-JPUS (5787)

Party logo:

A white, blue and red, blindfolded Lady Liberty holding a blue balanced scales, placed above a red and blue Justice Party text.

Party chairperson:

Rocky Anderson

Elected officials:

Prominent figures:

Rocky Anderson: Party founder and former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah