Political Party

The United States Marijuana Party

Official Name:

United States Marijuana Party


Loretta Nall

Founding date:

October, 2002 (Alabama Marijuana Party)

Party Ideology:

The Marijuana Party is a single issue party, seeking to end to the prohibition of marijuana and the drug war

Party History:

The United States Marijuana Party first came into being as the Alabama Marijuana Party. Homemaker and mother of two Loretta Nall’s decision to establish the party was directly a result of alleged harassment by local authorities.

Since then, the libertarian-leaning organization has grown into one of the largest marijuana decriminalization and legalization grass root movements in the country, with party chapters in Colorado, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Idaho and Texas, and presence in 21 other states.

Party address:



Party logo:

Party chairperson:

William A. Chengelis

Elected officials:


Prominent figures:

Loretta Nall: Party founder and former Libertarian Party nominee for Alabama’s gubernatorial election.