Political Party

The United States Pirate Party

Official Name:

United States Pirate Party


Brent Allison and Alex English

Founding date:

June 6, 2006

Party Ideology:

The Pirate Party’s platform is centered on intellectual property rights reform, especially on length of copyrights. It also advocates strict compliance to individual privacy, and is opposed to legislations that attempt to circumvent this right.

Party History:

The party was formed in 2006 in the wake of the police raid on the office of Pirate Bay, the world’s largest peer-to-peer file sharing website, in Sweden. Modeled after the Swedish political party Piratpartiet (Pirate Party), which currently holds two seats in the European Parliament, the United States Pirate Party has chapters in eight states (Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Washington and Wisconsin).

Party address:

(206) 552-8728

Party logo:

A billowing black flag inside a white circle with black borders.

Party chairperson:

Travis McCrea (Captain)

Elected officials:

Prominent figures: