Political Party

Veterans Party of America

Official Name:

Veterans Party of America


Mark Wilder; John Dennis III

Founding date:

December 19, 2013

Party Ideology:

The Veterans Party of America describes itself as being neither left nor right, but a politically centrist organization. They eschew legislation concerning any and all social issues, including such volatile subjects as abortion and gay rights. Though they openly declare that their strength comes in part from US veterans and their friends and families, they are careful to emphasize that military service, past or present, is not a prerequisite for membership in the party.

Party History:

The party was founded out of frustration with congressional budgeting, which sought to curb deficit spending by reducing the “cost of living allowance” paid to retired military veterans – even those medically retired as a result of sustaining battle-related injuries. After discussing their disapproval of Congress’ actions on Facebook, the founders decided to form the party.

Initially expecting only a couple hundred Facebook followers, the party now boasts over 33,000 on the social media site, a number that on that platform ranks them the fifth most popular political party in the nation, behind only the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Party address:

Veterans Party of America
P.O. Box 1535
Moses Lake, Washington 98837

(757) 7500-VPA

For Veterans in crisis


Party logo:

Circular ring of white surrounded by a larger ring of purple. The purple ring bears the name “Veterans’ Party of America” and the party’s founding year of 2013. The white ring features pictures of Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter and displays the slogans “United We Stand” and “Together We Win”.

Party chairperson:

Mark Wilder

Elected officials:


Prominent figures:

• Mark Wilder, Founder and Party Chairperson

• George Westrup, Founder of the Kentucky Veterans Party of America and Vice Chairperson

• David “Duke” Isakson, National Treasurer

• John C. Pearson, Founder of the Alabama Veterans Party of America and National Secretary